Respect and defend the rights of children and the youth! Condem and Junk PNP’s BIDA!

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It is quite alarming how the PNP uses children as instruments in their terrorist violence under programs such as BIDA or Batang Iwas Droga Advocates Kontra Pandemya. Beneath the curtain of the anti-drug campaign, this program actually serves the counterinsurgency plans of the PNP. Included in the BIDA activities is the giving of orientation to children and their parents to encourage their acquaintances, friends and family members who are suspected of being part of the revolutionary movement to surrender. The said program has been implemented in Bicol for five years, defiling the rights and freedom of children and the youth.

But such militaristic campaign which had no other objective but to sow fear among the people and destroy their unity will be denounced by the people. More so because such program is being implemented to please the most notorious criminal and presently the enemy of the Bicolano masses that is Duterte. Instead of instilling truth amongst children, the PNP aims to to raise them as believers of lies being proliferated by Duterte’s lapdogs.

What the children and youth should rightfully know are their rights and their role in society. This includes the right to speak more so in the face of a regime that tries to silence the people. This also includes the right to freely move in the midst of the regime’s vicious clampdown and attempts to force the people to bow down to Duterte’s dictatorship. Lastly, it also includes the right to choose what future they deserve amidst wanton imposition of neoliberal policies to satiate from the toils of the working masses to be able to satisfy himself, his cronies and imperialist master.

Unlike the AFP-PNP and the reactionary state who only see children as pawns for their dirty war, NDF-BiKol recognizes that the children and the youth as seeds who will continue the revolution and enjoy the fruits of its trumph. They deserve to fully know their condition and be aware of the appropriate action needed to change each and their families chaotic, challenging and depressing situation. They deserve to be given the appropriate knowledge and use it to fight and crush those who want to pin them down to unceasing destitution. They are the true protagonists who will rise and devastate the dictator who has no place in their future.#

Respect and defend the rights of children and the youth! Condem and Junk PNP’s BIDA!