Salute and solidarity to the struggle of the people of Myanmar

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CPP-ST extends its red salute to the people of Myanmar for their almost daily protest spanning more than two months against the cruel military junta. Their struggle, unimpeded by the pandemic and state violence, is a huge inspiration to the world. It deserves support from all citizens who cherish freedom and democracy.

The Tatmadaw (Myanmar military) staged a coup d’etat on February 1 to oust the democratically elected officials of the country. It seized power after the loss of its puppet political party to the party led by Aung San Suu Kyi, the incumbent leader of the civilian bureaucracy. Suu Kyi and her allies were imprisoned and hidden from the public for a long time, surfacing only to face their charges in court. The Burmese people strongly condemned these events and protested to free Suu Kyi and restore democracy in their land.

The hundreds of thousands of protesting Burmese are exemplary and should be emulated. They mounted remarkable quick protests or guerilla rallies to show their resistance. They also gathered through various ways and activities like vigils. In numerous cities, the protesters barricaded and defended themselves using readily available weapons such as air guns, molotov cocktails, rocks, bats, among others.

The Tatmadaw continues to oppress the people of Myanmar. Protest actions are violently dispersed. More or less 550 protesters have been killed, 46 of whom are children. On March 27 alone, the victims of military killings reached 141, making it the Bloodiest Day in Myanmar.

On the same day, the military attacked and added national minority groups to the targets of their repression campaign. It launched air raids in the eastern side of the Karen State in spite of an existing ceasefire between the Karen National Union and the Myanmar government. Twenty people died while thousands of minorities were wounded and forced to evacuate to the bordering countries of Thailand and India. The Tatmadaw committed these atrocities to spread terror and prevent the unification of Myanmar against the junta. It also shut down the internet to hamper mass gatherings.

The incessant violence of the military junta in Myanmar has earned widespread rebuke from the international community. CPP-ST concurs in condemning the security forces of the junta for the violent dispersal of protests, attacks on the people of Myanmar including children, and atrocities against the national minority groups.

In this vein, CPP-ST supports the struggle of the people of Myanmar. The linking of arms of peoples whose rights have been trampled on is right and just. The Burmese people must continue asserting their right to self-determination against the oppressive military dictatorship and without the intervention of foreign powers. They have every reason to undertake armed struggle for the cause of national freedom and democracy. The Burmese and Filipino struggles in fighting dictatorships and dismantling imperialist control over poor nations are brimming with lessons for the people of the world.###

Salute and solidarity to the struggle of the people of Myanmar