Slain barangay official in Goa, killed by military elements operating under RCSP

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Tomas Pilapil Command- BHB East Camarines Sur condemns the killing of July Barotillo, barangay secretary of Brgy. Lamon, Goa, Camarines Sur by elements of 9th IDPA’s RCSP team last October 1, 8 pm. Barotillo was killed at his residence in Sityo Sua of the same barangay.

Whichever way they project themselves, Joint Task Force Bicolandia (JTFB) cannot deny the violence that militarization brings with it, especially to communities in the countryside. Barotillo’s killing is the fourth extrajudicial killing case reported in Partido Area since the military began their RCSP operations in some of the towns of the said district last May 2021.

Barotillo’s murder and all the other human rights violations against the residents of Partido Area prove that the military has no intention of bringing peace and development for the communities they occupy. Rather, the military and police elements are the ones who bring chaos, violence and terrorism both in the city and the countryside. They aim to strike fear upon the masses, make them bow before the military and weaken their resolve to struggle.

TPC- BHB Camarines Sur calls on the masses of Camarines Sur not to yield to the military and police’s use of violence, threats and deceit. No military ploy can ever defeat the courageous unity of the masses. Their armed resistance is their most effective weapon to achieve peliminary justice and make US-Duterte regime’s armed murderers pay for their crime.

Slain barangay official in Goa, killed by military elements operating under RCSP