On the 73rd year of Fil-Am Friendship Day: End decades of yoke


MORE THAN SEVEN decades had passed since the Philippines was “granted” independence by the US. Up to the present, the county remains under US economic, political, military and cultural domination. This must be ended for the people to completely break away from US subservience.

For more than 73 years, the US imperialists have perpetuated semicolonial rule in the country through successive puppet governments–from Roxas to Duterte, which invariably carried out policy impositions securing US imperialist interests in the country. The Armed Forces of the Philippines was created and serves as its principal pillar. Under US imperialist rule, the Philippine economy failed to develop its productive capacity and remain under the yoke of American big corporations, banks and US-controlled financial institutions.

The people’s social conditions have worsened at an unprecedented pace since the 1990s under so-called “globalization” which pushed for dismantling of policies protecting national industries, privatization of state assets, foreign ownership and corporatization of key utilities, deregulation of labor and environmental standards, and other oppressive measures.

The AFP continues to be trained, indoctrinated, funded and armed by the US government. American military advisers ang hundreds of troops are encamped in the country, direct counterrevolutionary operations and often deploy their troops and equipment in the field.

Protest at the embassy

National democratic organizations protested in front of the US embassy on July 4 to belie the so-called friendship between the US and the Philippines. They assailed the permanent and intensifying US intervention in the country. They likewise condemned the continuing use of US-made bombs by the AFP in ravaging Filipino communities and ancestral lands.
A similar action was held by Bayan-Panay at the Plazoleta Gay, Iloilo City.

On the 73rd year of Fil-Am Friendship Day: End decades of yoke