Union condemns UP Hotel's violation of CBA

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ALT: UP Hotel workers protest management’s breach of CBA

Workers at the University of the Philippines-Diliman’s University Hotel (UH) in Quezon City, represented by their union, the University Hotel Workers Union-Kilusang Mayo Uno-National Capital Region (UHWU-KMU-NCR), have voiced strong opposition to the hotel management’s failure to comply with provisions stated in their collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

According to the union, workers were denied their leave credentials, clothing allowance, and proper suspension procedures. These rights were secured by UHWU in their CBA signed with UH management in November 2022.

In a statement, KMU revealed that since the pandemic, UH management has had a long record of violating workers’ rights. “Workers endured working despite significant cuts to their wages and work hours,” the group stated.

UH blatantly disregarded the complaint filed with the UHWU-KMU grievance committee, clearly sidelining the union. UHWU insists that hotel management should face them to discuss the issues they are raising.

“The voice of workers at the University Hotel should not be underestimated. The struggle must be strengthened, workers’ unity intensified, and a decisive fight waged for management’s recognition of their union and the success of their CBA,” KMU added.

UHWU and UH workers continue their protest and struggle for their rights. They hung a large banner near the hotel on June 2.

AB: Union condemns UP Hotel's violation of CBA