It is the people’s right to know where their hard-earned taxes go

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Sara Duterte’s ad hominem manner severely muddles and dumbs down the discourse on the anomalous spending of P125 million OVP confidential funds in 2022. She deliberately shifts the public’s attention to escape scrutiny and investigations on her office. But contrary to what Duterte and her fellow bureaucrat capitalists who are coming to her rescue wants the public to believe, this is not an issue between her and her political opponents. Above all, this is an issue of the Filipino nation’s right to know where their hard-earned taxes go.

The mass struggle must shatter Duterte and the other bureaucrats’ overbearing self-importance. The public coffers is not their personal wallets and must not be treated as such. The money that they spend comes from the blood and sweat of farmers, workers, employees and all ordinary Filipinos who pay their taxes. It is their duty to account their expenditures and fund allocations. In a genuinely democratic society, it Is the people’s needs that dictate the budget allocation and not the caprice of a few ruling elite. These traditional politicians should not have exclusive powers to control the allocation of the public treasury.

But because the Filipino society is semicolonial and semifeudal and there is no genuine freedom and democracy in the country, these vultures are free to tear the public coffers apart with no law to fear. When their corruption and rapacity are exposed, they immediately band together and fall upon themselves in defense of each other. They turn the laws of the reactionary government inside out to make these serve their selfish interests.

Undoubtedly, the only way for the Filipino people to put an end to the bureaucrats’ patent squander of their hard-earned money is to dismantle the current system that breeds these leeches and parasitic bureaucrat capitalists and other ruling classes and to replace it with a new one. The cycle of the ruling classes’ avarice will not stop unless the people reclaim the political power in the country. So long as the semicolonial and semifeudal system exists, arrogant parasites the likes of Dutertes, Marcoses, Arroyos and all those who suck the national resources dry and feed on the blood and sweat of the people will continue to appear. It is only just for the nation to realize their class unity, join the people’s democratic revolution and strive for the victory of the exploited and oppressed’s fight against the ruling classes.

It is the people’s right to know where their hard-earned taxes go