NDF-Panay on granting "absolute pardon" to Pemberton

The distasteful absolute pardon afforded to Scott Pemberton further exposes Duterte as an Am-Boy who is subservient to US imperialism. Duterte should be ashamed of his accommodations to Pemberton. The rapist-murderer already enjoyed huge privileges in a “special military jail” because he was not detained in a Philippine correctional facility.

The callous Duterte can pardon an American soldier who gruesomely raped and murdered a Filipina while ignoring thousands of poor Filipinos who are in jail for non-heinous crimes. Presently, there are 653 political prisoners who are detained in various jails in the country, of which 53 are elderly and 95 are suffering from risky medical conditions. It shows the huge discrepancy of affording justice between foreign military criminals and poor Filipinos.

Truly, Duterte is a national disgrace!

The Filipino people must continue their call for Jennifer Laude’s justice and intensify the campaigns to abrogate the Visiting Forces Agreement and all unequal treaties with the US.

Justice for Jennifer Laude!

Oust the traitor in Malacañang!

NDF-Panay on granting "absolute pardon" to Pemberton