Oppose Marcos II regime’s revision of history! Honor the martyrs of the people, join the New People’s Army!

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Romulo Jallores, Santos Binamera, Celso Minguez, Tomas Pilapil, Eduardo Olbarra. It is a crime to forget that they are heroes who had lived during Marcos Sr.’s dictatorship and had sacrificed their lives for the Bikolano masses.

It is the highest tribute to name the unit commands of the New People’s Army in Bikol after them and to remember the sacrifices of all noble martyrs and heroes. It is the highest tribute for the valiant Red fighters and Party members to continue their fight under the commands they were named after.

It is the current generation’s great task to struggle and oppose Marcos II’s systematic distortion of national history. The triumphs attained by those who came before, that the comrades and the masses enjoy now, must be continued with even more perseverance, even more readiness to sacrifice and all-out revolutionary work. They must staunchly defend and enrich these achievements. They must exceed their current style of work to decisively move forward and attain victories. Struggle to emancipate the people from the fetters of feudalism, bureaucrat capitalism and imperialism.

The NPA has weathered a lot of storms and now remains as resolute as ever. This firmness cannot be denied by even the most outlandish AFP-PNP-CAFGU propaganda. It has overcome and frustrated Marcos Sr.’s Martial Law then. Now, it is only just for it to defeat the dictator’s son and all his fellow ruling classes. The NPA’s contribution to the task of frustrating the revision of history is to keep the fire of armed revolution ablaze.

With the commemoration of the 50th year of Marcos Sr.’s martial law, each Red fighter and Party member raises their fists in continuation of the struggle against the greedy, plunderers and exploiters. Just like Romulo, Santos, Jose, Celso and all the other genuine children of the nation, revolutionaries will persevere in achieving what the exploited and oppressed have long since aspired for – to bring the people’s democratic revolution to complete victory and prepare the path for a socialist future.

Oppose Marcos II regime’s revision of history! Honor the martyrs of the people, join the New People’s Army!