Condemn the fascist AFP troops occupying Abra province

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The Agustin Begnalen Command – NPA Abra condemns the harassment of civilian Jerome Agaid by intelligence operatives of the 24th IB stationed in Abra, while he was with his five-year old child. Agaid, a resident of Malibcong municipality, is a Lupong Tagapamayapa and a member of the Mabaca tribe.

Before this incident, Agaid had been subjected to surveillance and was being pressured by the Army to surrender. The military wanted to take advantage of the difficult situation that Agaid was facing. They offered to shoulder the medical expenses of Agaid’s wife who was confined in the hospital. In exchange for their financial ‘assistance’, the AFP wanted Agaid to turn traitor to his tribe.

This incident is but the latest crime committed by the 24th IB. Last 27 November 2022, the soldiers shot at 5 civilian hunters from Brgy. Buneg, Lacub municipality. Two of the hunters were seriously wounded and were hospitalized. Adding insult to injury, the Army delivered financial ‘assistance’ to the victims’ families. They were then made to sign papers certifying that they would not file a court case against the 24th IB.

The list of crimes committed by the 24th, 71st and 102nd IB of the Philippine Army against Abrenos grows longer and longer. They occupy the municipalities of Lacub, Malibcong, Tineg, Baay-Licuan, Daguioman, Bucloc, Boliney, Sallapadan Luba, Tubo and Pilar. The people fear for their safety every time they go to their fields or forests. There is no rest from the Army’s surrender campaign, surveillance and harassment.

These fascist troops are in the area to neutralize any opposition to the entry of large-scale mining and hydropower (dam) projects. They are ever-ready to commit crimes against the people in order to protect their capitalist masters. The AFP are like leeches growing fat on the blood of public funds whilst the people sink deeper into hardship and poverty.

The AFP’s martial rule in Abra must be ended! The 24th, 71st and 102nd IB must be driven out of Abra province. They must be prosecuted for the crimes they have committed. Justice must be served to the people of Abra.

Condemn the fascist AFP troops occupying Abra province