Continue to make the Marcoses pay their blood debts!

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Fifty years have gone since the inconceivable scourge of martial law gave way to the birth of countless nationalists, progressives and revolutionaries who had offered their lives to oppose, overthrow and stop the dictator from ruling forever. Until now, the Filipino people along with the families of the martyrs, have been condemning the Marcoses for their incalculable crimes against the nation.

The workers and the whole nation will never recognize the illegitimate Marcos II regime. No matter where they turn, they will certainly be followed by the people’s judgment and reckoning. The innumerable scores of victims of their exploitation, killings, suppression and other rights violations will never leave them alone.

They have shamelessly set foot on Malacanang again, the palace of their depravity. They have ‘reclaimed’ what was not theirs. They have squandered the wealth that they have plundered to ensure that they can be once again seated at the top of the government. They have turned the cannons of repression, once more, against all who that they deem oppose them. They have clutched tightly upon the machinery that shall ensure their unimpeded impunity.

They have hoped that by regaining back their control, they hold the power to erase the past. But the weapon that those who fought during the Storm wielded was already passed onto the next generation of revolutionaries today. The seeds of uprising planted in the countryside have already taken root and blossomed in the thousands of Red fighters and Party members of the present times. They have been tempered both by the practices they have undertaken – both good and bad.

The workers, peasants, youth, church people, professionals, all who seem small and powerless – they are the ones confronting the illegitimate Marcos II regime now. They will continue, with an ever greater boldness and perseverance the reckoning, against the dictator’s son and all his minions. Until the Marcoses’ debts to the people have not been fully paid, the people who were deprived of, divested of and killed will never cease to fight.

RCTU calls on all Bikolanos who value the real history of the nation to not allow it to be buried down by the illegitimate Marcos II regime. All the progressives and revolutionaries must look back on history and cherish its lessons. Employ these to further advance the methods of completing the historical task of achieving victory for a sustainable, liberated and just future.

Continue to make the Marcoses pay their blood debts!