Public funds must be used for the nation’s welfare!

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NDF-Bikol joins the public clamor to remove the staggering amount of funds that the Marcos regime allocated for fascist funds of government agencies that should have been focused on serving the people’s needs. One of the most salient examples is the hundreds of millions in confidential funds of the Department of Education controlled by Sara Duterte. Social welfare programs must be prioritized especially since public services are glaringly lacking.

The public coffers that come from the hard-earned sweat and blood of the masses must be rightfully used for their welfare. The Marcos regime’s deliberate refusal to do this betrays his disregard of the disenfranchised sectors of society.

While millions of youth are left with no access to education, they will audaciously waste public funds for their self-serving repressive programs that target the masses themselves. While hundreds of millions of Filipinos writhe in hunger, in the brink of losing their sources of living and are engaged in a daily battle against poverty, the regime has the gall to funnel funds for corruption and fascism.

Marcos II and Sara Duterte’s brazen squander of public funds is utterly unacceptable. It must be opposed by the nation. Patriotic government officials and genuine public servants must join this fight. Together, the people must remain in exposing the inutility and apathy of the Marcos camp towards the Filipino people’s interests.

Public funds must be used for the nation’s welfare!