US bases, not welcome in Cagayan!


In light of the impending transformation of existing Philippine military bases in Cagayan into US stations, there is no other path to take for the Cagayano people but to fight and staunchly defend our sovereign rights against the trampling of imperialist US.

Under the implementation of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) signed during the Aquino II administration, the United States gained free license to position its military troops, armaments, and facilities in Philippine territory. Now that US provokes China just like what it did to Russia, the Philippines would serve as its attack pawn against its major adversary, putting the lives and welfare of the Filipino people at extreme peril.

History has seen the countless human rights violations and widespread criminality and debauchery committed by US forces within the vicinity of US military bases in other parts of the country. The same fate may befall Cagayan as there are two existing military bases—one naval base in Sta. Ana and one air base in Lal-lo—intended to be occupied by the United States forces under EDCA. Not to mention the additional danger brought about by the possibly covert stocking of nuclear weapons and facilities in the said areas.

First and foremost, US imperialism, then the reactionary puppet Philippine government with Bongbong Marcos at its helm, are the main culprits behind the endangerment of the Filipino people thus should be held accountable. All Cagayano peasants, workers, students, youth, environment defenders, human rights and peace advocates, religious groups, and the rest of the people of Cagayan must unite and turn to collective action to stop the installation of US military bases in the municipalities of Sta. Ana and Lal-lo, call for the junking of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, and defend our national sovereignty against US imperialist aggressors.





US bases, not welcome in Cagayan!